Jennifer Sanders

Jennifer Sanders

Business Consultant and Coach

Jennifer Sanders believes when leaders connect to and lead from their heart and mind, they are able to accelerate their leadership impact. With this philosophy at the foundation of her coaching and business consulting, Jennifer supports leaders to be courageous, authentic, and focused in all areas of their work and life. Leaders experience professional and personal growth, improved business outcomes, and increased employee engagement and performance as a result.

Jennifer brings over 25 years of professional experience working in the Retail industry. She has coached, consulted, and advised leaders at all levels, including C-suite, vice president, mid-level directors, managers, and individual contributors. She is sought after for her skills in strategy development and execution, leadership, coaching, team building, and facilitation. Jennifer’s keen understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and organizational dynamics enables her to support all levels and functional areas within organizations. She is ICF certified as a Professional Certified Coaching. She works as an Emotional Wellness Coach with Lyra Health and as a Life Strategy Coach for the Pursuit of Balance.

Jennifer’s domain experience includes; Leadership, IT, Organizational Development, Learning and Development, Project Management, Performance Consulting, Performance Management, Supply Chain, and Customer Service.

Jennifer enjoys spending time in nature, reading, writing, and facilitating activities to bring people together in fellowship and community.

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