Justin Baker

Business Consultant and Coach

Justin brings his extensive experience to assist agents, team leaders, and brokers in eliminating unprofitable concepts and increasing profitability. His proven tactics have enabled companies to increase their revenues and drive profitability. He has provided leadership in sales, recruiting, mentoring, coaching, sales training, script training, management, marketing, branding, and social media giving him hands-on knowledge of the integral components of the industry. His concepts enable his clients to work smarter and earn more while providing more personal freedom for life outside of their work.

Justin Baker has 21 years of expertise in real estate with many of those years engaged in recruiting, coaching, and mentoring agents and team leaders. Justin guided the growth of his team to become number one in Arizona and the number six team in the nation with more than 220 agents and six locations. His team also became the first in Arizona to sell more than $1 billion in annual volume and more than 3,000 annual units. These results were accomplished by developing departments within the business to include regional teams, inside sales, a listings team, and acquisition and disposition arms. Justin also assisted in adding joint ventures to the business including mortgage and title companies.

In coaching, Justin assists in the overall performance of the agents and company which includes but is not limited to increasing the number of real estate leads, adding and improving mortgage and title revenue streams, and attracting and retaining quality, high-performing real estate agents. Justin is adept at how to leverage system processes and staff to satisfy the needs of an expanding brokerage.  Through many ups and downs in the real estate market, Justin has gained knowledge and maturity that helps guide teams to produce the results they desire.

Justin’s vision put into practice empowers change, adds clarity on what is important, maintains focus over time, and increases productivity. Justin is also dedicated to helping you maintain more discipline in your life, re-discover your business passion, maximize your true potential, increase productivity, revenue, profits, and productivity, earn more money, and achieve the quality of life you desire.

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