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Whether you're navigating rapid growth or finding it difficult to expand your business it can be hard to know where you're going, how you're getting there, or especially how long it will take.

Elite Performance Associates is a group of experienced and talented professionals passionate about helping individuals and organizations find clarity within the turbulence of the day.


Experience & Passion You Can Trust

Elite Performance Associates, LLC. is a leading coaching and consulting firm that provides tailored solutions to organizations throughout the United States. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of any organization - large or small - and include customized services such as coaching, consulting, training, organizational development, team building, strategic planning, leadership development, and professional development.

To us, our people are our most important treasure. We strongly believe that integrity and character are the foundations upon which everything else is built and to that end, we have the best of the best. Each consultant and coach of Elite Performance Associates cares deeply not just for the results of our clients but for the people involved. When we join you in your adventure you are no longer just a client, you're family.


Simply put, you and your organization matter. We began EPA with the intention to help; to help with the difficult decisions, the daily and yearly challenges, and the exciting opportunities. We are committed to walking alongside you each step of the way.

Our goal is to turn distraction into clarity, clarity into direction, and direction into action. Our hearts are for others like ourselves; those that have had times of confusion, unimaginable opportunities, moments of ineffectiveness, valleys to navigate, and mountains to climb. We know deeply and personally the effort, energy, and tactics necessary to maneuver the complexities of today’s business environment and we want to walk alongside you through it all.


We Provide Custom Solutions through Professional Coaching, Consulting, and Group Training


EPA Consulting helps businesses like yours to identify challenges and find solutions. Lasting, positive results are possible through our expert organizational consulting services.

Business Elite

Accelerate the achievement of your goals with our highly focused Business Elite program. Through this premier process, individuals and businesses alike pursue a fast track to specifying and achieving their goals.

1-on-1 Coaching

Get individualized support through our one-on-one coaching services. Our coaches have both experience and passion to help you navigate the challenges of leadership, operational excellence, strategic planning, and team development.

Group Coaching

Boost the leadership capacity of your business through our group coaching process. Emphasizing a succinct instruction style supported by community relationships, we help participants become better leaders and develop a network of like-minded peers.


Transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful networking tool to assist in either sales or relationship development. With help from our Link2 process, we help you laser-focus your profile into a precise network of valuable connections.

EPA Connect

EPA Connect is an all-in-one platform that allows a unique opportunity to support your primary business goals.  Whether it be recruitment, client interaction, or direct sales initiatives, EPA Connect combines CRM functionality along with automation, calendaring, messaging, membership areas, and payment collection.

Development Tools

We utilize a unique blend of development and growth tools to help establish clarity and focus at both the individual and organizational levels.  Included in this are DiSC, 360 Evaluations, and Organizational Health Checks.

Stepping into any level management role can give you quite a bit of a shake, even for the most confident of people. The self-doubt, the “am I doing this good enough” thoughts, and the uncertainty about handling specific situations can take a toll on one's mind.

The Elite Performance Associates (EPA) team has been invaluable to our entire management team. They assist with everything from staffing communications and recruiting to preparing for industry downturns. They are indeed a one-stop shop for support to all managerial staff.

Our company would not be where it is today without the support and mentorship of the EPA team. They are considered an invaluable part of our family.

JM Strahan
EVP of Operations, Terra Guidance

Trusted by Companies across the United States

Elite Performance Associates, LLC. Adds value by helping organizations achieve results by helping them develop direction, plans of action, and tools for implementation. From start to finish and top to bottom we are there to help.

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