Brian Hallstrom



Business Consultant and Coach

Brian is a dedicated professional with a strong commitment to personal and organizational development. Possessing over 17 years of extensive experience in nonprofit management and leadership, he understands the myriad challenges that leaders encounter daily. Currently serving as Chief Financial Officer within a local religious nonprofit, Brian has ascended from an entry-level position to executive leadership, demonstrating a profound comprehension of the hard work and dedication required for organizational advancement.

In his role as CFO, Brian has orchestrated significant enhancements in operational efficiencies, provided invaluable coaching to his team, implemented cost-saving measures, successfully navigated personnel conflicts, and surmounted the myriad challenges inherent to organizational leadership. Drawing from his personal journey of growth and development, Brian is deeply invested in guiding individuals and organizations towards their utmost potential.

Brian's passion for serving others was cultivated during his upbringing as the second eldest of four brothers in a familial environment deeply rooted in religious ministry. Graduating from Central Christian College of the Bible provided Brian with a solid foundation upon which to embark on his career in nonprofit management. Through his entrepreneurial ventures, including six years of successful operation within the real estate rental market, Brian has further honed his acumen for business development and strategic planning.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a genuine desire to empower others, Brian leverages his wealth of experience and expertise to propel individuals and organizations towards the success they so deeply desire.

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