Christina Flynn

Christina Flynn

Executive Assistant

Christina serves as the Executive Assistant to Elite Performance Associates' COO, Dana DeVito. Her primary responsibility is administrative support, and she finds fulfillment in ensuring a positive and efficient experience for EPA clients.

Drawing from a varied professional background, Christina has previously held positions in insurance, real estate appraisal, and office management. This diverse experience contributes to her adaptability and effectiveness in her current role.

Christina earned her B.A. in English Literature from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, reflecting her commitment to education and intellectual pursuits. Outside of work, she takes on the roles of a mother to three boys and a grandmother to a grandson, grounding her professional life with familial responsibilities.

During her leisure time, Christina and her husband prefer a quieter escape, often found on their boat enjoying the calm waters of the Colorado River. Family holds a significant place in her life, and whether navigating the river or spending quality time with loved ones, Christina embodies a balanced and dedicated professional.

In her role at EPA, Christina's approach is not just about completing tasks but about creating an environment where details are meticulously managed, resulting in a straightforward and positive experience for clients.

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