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Lindsey DelaTorre

Business Consultant and Coach

With an impressive decade of expertise in marketing, graphic design and social media, Lindsey DelaTorre has dedicated the past 4 years to successfully co-leading a multi-million dollar real estate team. Her passion for continued learning and growth shines through in her talent for guiding individuals to discover their potential. Through strategic planning, accountability measures, and habit building, she empowers people to excel.

Lindsey possesses a deep understanding of human behavior and motivation that enables her to quickly identify core issues and assist others in customizing targeted personal growth strategies. Her strengths in listening, analyzing, and coaching have no doubt played an instrumental role in her team's extraordinary success.

Raised in California, Lindsey understands the allure of the Golden State. She divides her time between the warmth of Paso Robles and the striking beauty of South Lake Tahoe. When not working, Lindsey remains active by traveling, spending quality time with family (including her beloved pup!), and exploring the great outdoors.

The wireframe follows the overall structure of the reference website, with sections laid out for the one-liner, header, stakes, value proposition, guide, plan, explanatory paragraph, and calls-to-action. The copy is adapted from the Story Brand Script to fit this wireframe structure and focusing on the customer's problem, providing a clear plan, establishing authority and empathy as the guide, and ending with strong CTAs.

With an engaging visual design applied, this wireframe and copy provide a solid foundation for a website that should resonate with the target audience of ambitious leaders and effectively communicate Elite Performance Associates' value in helping them scale their organizations.

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