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Starr Smith

Business Consultant and Coach

Starr Smith is a wife and mom of 2 beautiful humans. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been living there for over 10 years. Starr has always had a passion for helping people grow and blossom into their true self.
Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Starr worked in management for small family-owned establishments for over 10 years. In 2018, she decided to start her own real estate business - which is based on her belief that everyone should be able to own a home.
Starr is a yoga enthusiast, plant lover, and outdoor enthusiast. She is also a forever student - constantly learning new things about the world around her.

The wireframe follows the overall structure of the reference website, with sections laid out for the one-liner, header, stakes, value proposition, guide, plan, explanatory paragraph, and calls-to-action. The copy is adapted from the Story Brand Script to fit this wireframe structure and focusing on the customer's problem, providing a clear plan, establishing authority and empathy as the guide, and ending with strong CTAs.

With an engaging visual design applied, this wireframe and copy provide a solid foundation for a website that should resonate with the target audience of ambitious leaders and effectively communicate Elite Performance Associates' value in helping them scale their organizations.

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