Equipping leaders like you with the clarity, capabilities, and team to scale your business effectively.


We utilize a unique blend of development and growth tools to help establish clarity and focus at both the individual and organizational level. A small sampling of these are DiSC Plus Assessments, 360 Evaluations, Organizational Health Checks, as well as a number of proprietary exercises that we’ve created.

At Elite Performance Associates we believe that people are the most important component of any organization. To that end, we leverage a wide range of tools to help leadership better understand how they engage and develop their team member. These, in our opinion, are tools of growth. They are ways to assist building up our staff so that we can more appropriately interact, establish plans for the future, and create clear paths for continued future success.

The wireframe follows the overall structure of the reference website, with sections laid out for the one-liner, header, stakes, value proposition, guide, plan, explanatory paragraph, and calls-to-action. The copy is adapted from the Story Brand Script to fit this wireframe structure and focusing on the customer's problem, providing a clear plan, establishing authority and empathy as the guide, and ending with strong CTAs.

With an engaging visual design applied, this wireframe and copy provide a solid foundation for a website that should resonate with the target audience of ambitious leaders and effectively communicate Elite Performance Associates' value in helping them scale their organizations.

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